Google July 2022 system updates are here

Not only Android updates are available regularly from Google, but also the Google system updates. And they have now been expanded to include new features and bug fixes in July 2022. The changelog for the update with all the new features is now available.

Google system updates make Android devices more secure and reliable and introduce new and useful features. This includes updates from Google for the Android operating system, the Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Google system updates are available for smartphones, tablets, Android TV and Google TV, vehicles with Android Auto, Wear OS devices, and Chrome OS devices.

So now the changelog of the Google System Update from July 2022 is available, which looks like this:

  • Security & Privacy: Helps protect your device’s integrity to keep it secure, as well as features like locating your lost devices. Also offers important privacy features such as granting and managing permissions, and helping you choose what data and information you share with apps on your device.
  • Safety and Emergency: Supports emergency and non-emergency alerts on your phone and makes sure that you get timely alerts, like for earthquakes and COVID-19 exposure notifications.
  • Account management: Allows you to sign in to your Google Account on your device and manage account settings. Also supports parental control services, including Family Link.
  • Wallet: Supports digital wallet features like in-app purchases, contactless payments, and digital passes.
  • Games: Provides automatic sign-in, leaderboards, and achievements in-game apps.
  • Location Services: Improves accuracy when you allow apps and services to use your location.
  • Support: Provides access to Google Help and supports with setting up your device, data plans, and more.
  • Device connections: Supports your device’s connections to other devices, and ensures you get a consistent connectivity experience across Android devices such as WiFi.
  • Utilities: Supports useful features such as Autofilling content, contact syncing, and data backup and restore.
  • Developer Services: Enables Google and third-party developers to design, develop, and distribute apps that function correctly, are performant, and secure.

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