Bayonetta 3: Why all this development time? Were there any problems? Let’s be clear

Bayonetta 3 was announced on Friday, December 8, 2017, at The Game Awards. Today Nintendo has finally revealed the release date of the game: October 28, 2022. Given the five years, it took from the announcement to the launch, many have started talking about possible problems encountered during development.

In reality, it is not necessarily true that this is the case. Indeed, everything could have gone as smoothly as oil, because a five-year processing cycle for a triple-A is now practically the norm. Indeed, it often goes much further.

Players are struggling to notice because now publishers try to bring presentations and launch as close as possible, in order to focus marketing on the finished product. Bayonetta 3 is probably more a case of a premature announcement than problematic development.

We can assume that at the time Nintendo needed titles to give strength to Nintendo Switch, a console that had not yet emerged as the phenomenon it has since become. He was also about to launch a collection of the first two chapters, so the presentation of the third seemed appropriate to point out the vitality of the series (so as to sell more, of course).

At the time of the Bayonetta 3 announcement, there were probably still only pre-production documents. Ideas on paper that still needed to be evaluated in order to then concretize them in the finished game or, if necessary, modify them. We don’t know when the game went into full production, but we can assume it took a while. It was therefore normal that nothing more was known about it for years since there was nothing definitive to show, apart from maybe some artwork.

Meanwhile, Platinum also worked on other projects, such as Babylon’s Fall or Sol Cresta, so the developers weren’t idle. Having said that, any problems could only be told to us by Platinum or Nintendo, but at this point, we do not believe that they are very relevant, apart from mere curiosity. Bayonetta 3 is on its way and what matters is how the game is over.

Bayonetta 3

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