PS5 beats everyone by revenue in June and in the first half of 2022 in the US

PS5 is the console that generated the most revenue in the US in June and in the entire first half of 2022, despite having sold fewer units than the Nintendo Switch overall. This is explained by the higher price of Sony’s hardware.

PS5 ‘s revenue growth was double-digit compared to the previous year, a sign that interest in Sony’s console is still very high, despite inventory problems.

This is an interesting fact that shows both Sony’s success with its new machine and the difficulties created by the semiconductor crisis, which is slowing down the adoption of next-generation consoles. Under normal conditions, it would have been much faster, while reducing transition times from the previous generation.

Be that as it may, in June 2022, spending by Americans in the video game industry, which includes hardware, content, and accessories, fell by 11% compared to the previous year, reaching $ 4.3 billion. The only sector that showed the positive sign is that of subscription services (Game Pass and similar).

The figure is in line with that of the first half of the year, which saw a 10% drop in revenues, which stopped at $ 26.3 billion. Of course, it must be considered that in 2021 the effects of the pandemic were still strong.

Speaking of hardware in particular, overall revenues in June 2022 fell by 8% compared to 2021, stopping at 371 million dollars. The figure is in line with that of the first half of the year, which saw revenues of 2.1 billion dollars, or 8% less than the previous year.

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