iOS 16 Tips and Tricks

iOS 16 is an upcoming latest software update for Apple phones and now it’s available in public beta, so if you have a supplementary iPhone 8 or any other new then you can try mostly working or iOS16 pre-release version along the final spread out the reduction you can start to test the features in advance in a month.

The iOS new update carries a bunch of assets or features that will help and certify users how they text to their friends with the help of iMessage and how they can do customization changes on their iPhone lock screen.

Now get back to know the iOS 16  five Tips and Trick :

  •   Empower keyboard haptics for fluctuating as you type.
  •   Apple Music option now you can Sort playlist.
  • Freshly deleted chats in Message
  • Transform currency using the camera
  • Now only you can Press and hold to delete the contact.

Empower keyboard haptics for fluctuating as you type.

Acquire the surface of the Android playbook now Apple includes a built-in keyboard for tactile of the iPhone, as you type haptics permits you to feel the vibration and this was good news for the Apple users now it’s not compulsory to download the third party software in this terms haptics help you if you want to access.

The important point behind a haptics keyboard is when users can type they point out for active verification and this fluctuation or vibration behave as a confirmation like a user type.

When you start the download process of iOS 16 the keyboard haptics is still laid up. now here are the steps to do when you want to roll keyboard haptics on the iPhone:

  • Tap to open Settings on your iPhone.
  •  Click on sounds & haptics.
  • In this step scroll down and select the keyboard Feedback option.
  •  Click to tap on the toggle if you want to enable haptics.

Apple Music option now you can Sort playlist:

The playlists are fixed in the order you created a theme and this is one concept that teases Apple Music users the most, Now, with the help of iOS 16, easily you can filter playlists by title, artist, album, or release date.

So the point is you can reorganize songs in any playlist with the available categorization options across Apple Music. inside a playlist on Apple Music to filter songs,  in iOS 16 tap to open the Apple Music app.

When the app opens, go to them at the bottom and click on the library tab. go into Library, and choose the Playlists. On the next screen, whose order do you want to change click on the playlist.

The playlist will be filtered in the orderly default, that it was included by the creator. To reposition this playlist, go to the top right corner and click on the the3-dots icon. In the overflow menu pop up then select Sort By option.

Freshly deleted chats in Message:

At times in the Messages app when you’re present in the middle of sorting messages, something that you didn’t mean to you casually tap the wrong button and delete. This can be awkward, and disturbing but thankfully, the world isn’t ending here,

Special in that situation when you can use Apple’s Messages app. With iOS 16, you can restore and make a backup of your deleted messages. The deleted messages are shifted to the freshly Deleted folder in the Message app itself.

Here’s how to access the Recently Deleted folder in Message:

  • Tap to open the Message app.
  • At the top left click the filter option.
  • Tap to choose the newly deleted folder.
  • Choose the chat you want to Delete or recover the messages from.

Transform currency using the camera

Especially when traveling abroad transforming currency has never been easy,  Every time you eat in a restaurant or go shopping, what we always end up doing is bringing the help of Google to change recently or instant.

But these things happens in the past few. With iOS 16, you can change currency directly using your iPhone’s camera and are cease required to dynamically enter the currency values online.

So here we explain how to transform currency using the camera

  • Open the Camera and indicate it to the text.
  •  Go to the bottom right corner and click the Scan icon.
  • at the bottom left click the transform icon when completing all the processes.

Press and delete a contact:

troublesome experience if you want to delete contacts on your iPhone. if you want to delete a contact on an iPhone so it’s compulsory you go with the help of the “Edit” feature on a contact card. That’s modifying with iOS 16. On iOS 16, you can now easily do the “Delete” execution by long-tapping any card in the Contacts.

steps for doing that process.

  • Tap to open Contacts.
  • Go to the contact if you want to delete it.
  • Click and hold the contact.
  • Choose Delete Contact.

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