Suspected filter bug prevents new articles from appearing in Google search results on Friday

Earlier Friday, Google Search experienced indexing issues that persisted for an extended period of time, preventing new content and articles from showing up in results. When the user enters the query content, the newly published articles will not be included in the search results. After becoming aware of the bug, Google said it would fix it within 12 hours. It now appears that the relevant patches have been deployed.

In the early days of the problem, some people found that media articles published in the last hour (such as CNET/CNN) could not be found. When searching for individual other sites (eg Bloomberg/New York Times/Yahoo), it doesn’t even show search results.

In addition to advertising, the retrieval of other keywords also encountered the same problem, causing Google search to work in a strange way. During this period, new articles on individual websites were published hours ago, but it took a long time before they were included in the Google search engine.

CNET tried retrieving articles from its own website, but also saw nothing but blank pages. Fortunately, at 15:25 pm Pacific time that day, Google finally officially fixed the related issues. Although Google has not officially stated its position, many people speculate that this is just a filter bug that can be easily corrected.

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