Google System Updates: This is new for Android and Google Pixel

The new month isn’t all that new anymore, but there are still a few updates to come. This includes the new Google System Updates, which have now been announced.

This is behind the Google System Updates

Almost simultaneously with the new monthly update (security patch, Android Security Bulletin), Google is also releasing new Google system updates. These updates via Play Services and Google Play Store are general improvements and innovations for the Android operating system and various Google apps. Thus, not only the pixel smartphones from Google benefit but also the devices of other manufacturers.

And the devices of other categories apart from the phones. In the first round, there are again some innovations that we find quite exciting. For example, the new branding of the Google Wallet, which is now being rolled out.

Account management

  • [Phone] Section headings in the Data & Privacy tab of Google Account settings have a new look.[2]
  • [Phone] In-app support improvements.[5]
  • [Phone] UI improvements for Family Link.[5]

Device connectivity

  • [Phone] APIs for developers to create seamless multi-device experiences.[5]

Google Play Store

  • Improvements to the play-as-you-download feature to allow players to start playing mobile games, while app download further reduces wait times.[3]
  • New features to help you discover your favorite apps and games.[3]
  • Optimizations that allow for faster and more reliable download and installation.[3]
  • New features for the Play Pass and Play Points programs.[3]
  • Google Play billing improvements.[3]
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to protect your device.[3]
  • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements related to security, stability, and accessibility.[3]


  • [Phone] Provide the ability to filter the data plans available for purchase based on different categories given to you by the carrier.[2]
  • [Phone] Improved system update flow to show features included in new Android updates.[4]


  • [Phone] Updates user experience to Google’s latest material design, renamed “Google Wallet”.[2]

Developer services

  • New developer capabilities for Google and third-party app developers to support Maps-related developer services in their apps.[1]

The footnotes:

  • [2] Available through Google Play services v22.22 updated on 07/15/2022.
  • [3] Available through Google Play Store v31.1 updated on 07/15/2022.
  • [4] Available through Google Play services v22.24 updated on 07/15/2022.
  • [5] Available through Google Play services v22.26 updated on 07/15/2022.

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