Sony hit by class-action plaintiffs over PS5 flaws accuse it of knowingly selling questionable consoles

Recently, in the U.S. state of Illinois, some PS5 owners sued Sony, alleging that the company deliberately concealed flaws in the PS5 console system. In a class-action filing, plaintiff Christina Trejo accused Sony of failing to disclose a flaw that could cause the console’s system to shut down during gameplay, resulting in the loss of save files.

The lawsuit alleges that Sony was not only aware of the problem, but also knowingly sold millions of PS5s with the same problem. Therefore, the plaintiff’s filing seeks to get Sony to pay damages as punishment for the alleged inaction.

If the lawsuit is true, it means that most PS5 users are suffering from this problem, and Sony has done nothing to fix it. However, there seems to be very little coverage of the issue, and while the PS5 ran into stability issues at launch, many of the issues were resolved with an update to the system’s firmware.

Some specific games can also cause problems, but usually, those games also receive patches. It’s very unlikely that a problem persists across multiple updates, but it’s also possible that the problem was caused by a recent update.

While the legality of the lawsuit is questionable, taking it to court is also a way to put pressure on the problem if Sony did hide the problem with the system.

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