Samsung One UI 4.1 vs One UI 5

Every year Samsung has launched a new version of One UI to enhance previous features and add some new ones. One UI 4.1 is compatible with those devices which launched in 2021 and before.

One UI 4.1 Features

1. Color Palette: You can customize your phone with unique colors and color palettes available in such apps as Gmail, Google Photos, Chrome, etc.
2. Colors and fonts: This makes your information more effectively.
3. Enhanced Dark mode: This is very helpful for eye protection; dim wallpapers and icons give the eyes comfort.
4. More blur effects: Blur effects differentiate between important stuff and less important.
5. Easy to drag and drop items.
6. Sync vibrations with sounds
7. Fast Video Recording, Focus enhancer for videos, Auto framing in video mode, enhanced night portraits.
8. This version gallery created stories automatically, this also helps on your special days. Create a time-lapse video, highlight reels gallery suggest the best effects for your pictures.
Add portrait effects, Powerful remastering, easier album sorting, and share albums as links.

On another hand, Samsung One UI 5 beta does not release yet publicly but it maybe comes with some important changes like Multi-time gestures this version of the OS improves the overall user experience.

One UI 5.0 Features

  1. There are two multitasking gestures ready to explore one is Split-Screen and Pop-Up view.
  2.  Quick QR code Scanner: Provide a quick setting tile for QR code scanning and also give a lock screen. functionality.
  3.  Photo picker UI for sharing photos to an app.
  4.  Cinematic wallpaper: You can choose colors from the wallpaper.
  5.  Media TTT (tap to transfer)
  6.  On-device search option
  7.  Toggle in search setting: It enables you to see web suggestions in search.
  8.  Opt-in notifications: Newly installed app ask before sending a notification.
  9.  Set your preferred language on a per-app basis

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