OnePlus 10T appears in an unofficial teaser

As the days go by, the new model of the Chinese brand gets closer: we do not yet have a date but all the rumors point in the direction of the month of August. Meanwhile, yet another leak puts the flea in the ear: OnePlus 10T could have a Sandstone-style back cover on its side, according to a teaser poster leaked in the rest in the past few hours!

For those who missed some details or for the new generation of OnePlus, in the past, the Chinese company has launched some devices with a back cover characterized by a rough texture, in sandstone style. Over time, Sandstone covers have become original protective cases (available for virtually every major model) while longtime fans dream of the return of this stable finish. That OnePlus 10T is the smartphone of the return of the Sandstone cover?

To suggest this “novelty” is an unofficial teaser poster published online. This would be a promotional image showing part of the rear design of the smartphone. The photographic module is in shadow, while the body feels rough to the touch, a typical feature of Sandstone covers. Is it an unwanted effect or are we really struggling with a big comeback?

At the moment there is still a certain answer; the only sure detail would concern the color of the device, Moonstone Black. OnePlus 10T will be the first model of the brand equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, Qualcomm’s latest top solution. If you want to know all the leaks and confirmations dedicated to the flagship, take a look at our in-depth analysis!

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