The strange trick to make Nothing Phone (1) LEDs move to the beat of the music

Nothing Phone (1) is a smartphone that does all it can to get noticed and stand out from the competition by having its identifying elements in the transparent back and in the 900 LEDs of the Glyph interface. In relation to Glyph, some curious hidden options have just been discovered that deserve to be known.

Nothing Phone (1): Glyph moves to the beat with Music Visualization

The Nothing Phone Glyph system (1), which obviously is only useful as long as you hold the smartphone with the screen facing down, is already suitable for various uses, from indicating the status while charging the battery, to signaling incoming calls and notifications, but that’s not all: there is also a Music Visualization function, which however is hidden and can only be activated through a bizarre procedure.

This function, to tell the truth, had already emerged from a build of the smartphone leaked 24 hours before the official launch, too bad that it is not mentioned in the officially available release. This is where the source comes in: Dylan Roussel, collaborator of 9to5Google.

The latter, in fact, shared on the net the simple but curious procedure that allows anyone to make the LEDs of Nothing Phone (1) dance to the rhythm of the music. Yes, because Music Visualization consists precisely of this: synchronizing the movement of the Glyph system’s LEDs to the rhythm of the music being played with the smartphone speaker.

If you are going to buy a Nothing Phone (1) and activate the function in question, here are the steps you will need to put into practice:

  • First of all, you need to create a new contact called “ Abra ” and save it in the address book.
  • The second step is to go to Settings> Glyph Interface> Ringtones and from there click “Add a Contact”
  • At this point, you need to select a ringtone of your choice for Abra and click on “Save” at the top.
  • “Abra-cadabra”: at this point, all that remains is to go back to the Glyph settings page to find the new toggle dedicated to Music Visualization.

At the end of the procedure, you can safely delete Abra from the Glyph contacts and settings without this causing the toggle to disappear.

Due to the risks that this function could cause in subjects suffering from epilepsy, it is not certain that the function just described will be made easier for everyone to access in the future, indeed it could very well remain a little hidden.

Other hidden options

In the same thread, the source also accounted for other hidden options of Nothing Phone (1), all related to the Glyph interface:

  • App Notifications Glyph: The device has hidden settings for managing app notifications via Glyph, although the former does not work and the latter is not well understood in its operation. These settings are not in plain sight but do not require special procedures: to find them, just open the system settings and type Glyph in the search field, and the “App notifications glyph” item will appear almost at the bottom of the list.
  • LedLightTest: Already spotted in the build leaked before the presentation of the device, it still works now and is a system app used by Nothing to test the correct functioning of the LEDs that make up Glyph. To launch it, just open the numeric keypad and type “ * # * # 533 # * # * ”; once you have satisfied your curiosity, it is advisable to reset all the sliders to their default values.
  • Engineering mode: Even though this mode had already been discovered in the leaked build and its use is not recommended for non-expert users: although it is accessible (for security reasons, the procedure has not been shared), it is not recommended to change the preset values.

Finally, we remind you that Nothing Phone (1) will be available for purchase in Italy from 21 July 2022 at 8:00 starting from 499 euros and that it can be purchased on the official website, on, as well as in WINDTRE physical stores and on the operator’s official website. Here’s how to buy it at a discounted price.

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