Tesla FSD Beta hits over 35 million miles and is picking up speed

Tesla reports that its customer fleets using Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta have now driven more than 35 million miles, and that rate is picking up. The FSD Beta enables Tesla cars to autonomously drive to destinations entered in the car’s navigation system, but drivers need to be alert and ready to take over.

Since the onus is on the driver and not Tesla’s system, it’s the closest thing to a self-driving car that can be offered to customers, even though it’s a Level 2 driver assistance system, rather than the closed doors that operate at companies like Waymo and Cruise in the convoy.

As Tesla is getting these vehicles into the hands of customers in considerable numbers, it is accumulating data at an impressive rate. Along with its second-quarter 2022 earnings report, Tesla shared some rare numbers showing that the FSD beta has now driven more than 35 million miles and the added speed is increasing.

Tesla commented on the milestone and the data collected through this program: “By the end of Q2 2022, over 100,000 Tesla drivers in North America will have access to FSD Beta. Our customers use ‘City’ The cumulative mileage of street’ supervised autonomous driving continues to grow at an unprecedented scale. Fleet data is an important part of improving and expanding the system.”

The automaker currently appears to be adding nearly 10 million miles per quarter, and that number is expected to accelerate considerably in the coming months. CEO Elon Musk said Tesla will soon release FSD beta v11, which will merge highway and urban driving software stacks to create a single FSD beta stack. That alone should significantly increase the FSD beta’s range numbers.

Currently, the update is expected to arrive at the end of August, but Tesla is often late when it comes to FSD beta software updates. In addition, Tesla is continuing to expand the use of the FSD beta so that more Tesla drivers who have purchased the FSD package can use it.

Musk recently said that he expects Tesla to have 1 million people in the FSD Beta by the end of the year. However, it is believed that the number of Tesla owners who buy the FSD package is far from reaching this number, so he must be expecting that by the end of this year, the practicality of the function will make more people willing to buy it.

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