Google Pixel 6a Tear on video on air

After resting for 2 years Google has recently bought a device in India. Google launched the Google Pixel 6a in India on July 21 along with the Google Pixels Buds Pro and they will go on sale on July 28.

The Pixel 6a was announced back in May, and it represents an interesting departure for the “a” line, in that it uses the same Tensor SoC as the and Pixel 6 Pro, while still being cheaper than both of those.

If you’ve ever wanted to peer inside a Pixel 6a,  as YouTube channel PBK Reviews has done just that, on video. It was all done for your pleasure to watch. It’s a step-by-step teardown of the new phone, unveiling all of its layered in.

As the screen was protected by a paper sheet, thus it was thankfully fine, but this is clearly a pretty severe quality control issue at the factory. But it was a bit disappointing, which is that the unit in question shipped with the camera lens bezel, and the back plate was scratched and brushed.

The fingerprint sensor is attached to the display panel unveiled as the initial disassembly is screen removal.
There’s also a large piece of graphite found inside the Pixel 6a in the sense of heat transfer, and prying the battery off is easier than for other Pixels.

After that it’s down to taking off the main board, with the USB-C port being soldered onto it, making repairs difficult.

Blooming news for fans of mid-range smartphones is that this one has an actual proximity sensor.
Make sure to watch the video above to get all the details and aspects which led to it receiving a 7/10 repairability score. So, that was all about what the things and specialty in Google Pixel 6a have for us.

As with new arrival, I bought tear-up news for you until the up next is arrive stay tunned.

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