Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Have you ever thing to compare while using various app stores, which one do you prefer good. I am sure at least you have a basic note about the app store. ok so tell me what your favorite apps are, from where you found those.

According to your device’s operating system, you should thank the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for availing you of numerous apps on your smartphone.

However, The two app stores are great players in the app industry and have developed excellent customer bases. As both of them have their qualities and drawbacks, are Apple App Store vs Google Play Store.

Comparing both, Apple App Store and Google Play Store help you in a more clarified way which one is more effective as well as efficient.

What are Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

Of course, talking google play store is having Android as its mobile operating system, and Apple Appstore has also its own iOS, both of them renders various kinds of apps to their devices respectively. Users can browse and download Android and iOS apps as well as music, books, movies, and television programs.

FactorsApple App storeGoogle Play store
RevenueApple App Store led with an estimated revenue of $72.3 billion in 2020, responsible for 65% of total app revenue. Google Play Store generated revenues of nearly $40 billion through Android apps, while the financial year 2021-2022, significantly less than Apple’s App Store profit however increased by 25 % from the previous year.
Growth Apple App store growth rate increased by 6.10 %compared to the previous quarter. The Apple App Store stands out with its increase in yearly gross revenue.Google Play store has a significant worth over numerous Android apps available on the same. and on another side, .In 2020, Google Play Store had a revenue increase of 25% compared to 2019. That implies that Google play discharged by moving down but it had an increase in revenue.
Number of AppsThe Apple app has 2.22 million apps, which has a position of second -largest app store in the marketing field.
While comparing the Apple app store and Google play store it has been recorded that the Google play store with 3.48 million Android Apps as of the 1st quarter of 2021 is the largest App store. users downloaded 108 billion mobile apps from google worldwide. Stats project that Google Play Store users will download 139 billion mobile apps in 2024.
Advantages of their usageApple App store from a user's vision is successfully delivered high-quality, thoroughly checked apps. The customer also has provided that they can choose from the list of available iOS apps with budget-friendly prices and safely enjoy them. Google gets more companions from its customers that it serves with Google sheets which are the best free spreadsheet for anyone. Then there is mint, Investors can have personal capital for free.

Apple App Store and Google play store both have complimentary goodwill in the marketplace. Both serve their customers having their known terms and occupation.

So, after going through this above article might you get an idea about which one is the best App store for you, Apple App Store or the Google play store? Hence with this, I am concluding my work to you for more new updates stay in touch.

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