Razer Viper V2 Pro is first to support 4000Hz polling rate HyperPolling receiver

To entice high-end gamers to buy peripherals, Razer has just offered buyers of the Viper V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse the first option to offer the $30 Razer HyperPolling Receiver. With a polling rate of up to 4000Hz, it is designed to ensure that players can get an almost imperceptible advantage in the heat of battle.

The so-called polling rate refers to the number of times that the mouse or other peripheral device transmits information to the host computer. The typical polling rate of wireless peripherals on the market is in the 1000Hz range, which means that the “refresh delay” is around 1 ms.

However, gaming peripheral manufacturers represented by Razer have already provided solutions with a polling rate of up to 8000Hz. While the polling rate of the Razer HyperPolling wireless receiver is “only” 4000Hz, the current refresh rate of high-end gaming monitors is only around 480Hz.

Peripheral makers have already launched an arms race in other areas, such as competing to equip their high-end gaming mice with more powerful sensors. But in the near-end time, the polling rate seems to have become a new battlefield. As for whether consumers are willing to pay for such a premium, it remains to be tested.

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