This new Google Pixel Notepad raises the most questions

The rumor mill has already boiled over the first foldable from Google. Recently it has become quiet again and the question marks are increasing. When someone asks us about the first Pixel Notepad, unlike other devices, we can’t give a straight answer.

There have already been a lot of hints and evidence that Google is working on its own foldable. But the new device is said to have been postponed internally again and again. This reminds us very much of the Pixel Watch.

Pixel Notepad wouldn’t be the first Google device to be forgotten after a few leaks

There were rumors about a Google Smartwatch four years ago. And during this time nothing happened at all, the device was completely forgotten. The Pixel Watch is finally coming this year, and the Wear OS smartwatch has already been officially announced at the end of the year. Not so with the Pixel Notepad.

After several postponements, the industry recently said that Google could show its Notepad this year. For that, the October event (Pixel 7 Series) would be perfect. But due to the lack of new leaks, we remain skeptical. The Pixel Tablet, which nobody knew about until it was officially shown, gives hope.

Foldable: The first generation is particularly difficult

Presumably, some would also like to see a foldable from Google. Especially the Pixel fans who fancy this form factor. However, since Google relies primarily on hardware from other companies, development could be a difficult undertaking. Especially if it is the very first device of this kind.

I hope they work closely with Samsung on this as they do on the Pixel Watch. Samsung is already launching the 4th generation of its own foldables this year and therefore has a lot of experience to offer.

This is known about the Pixel Notepad so far:

  • Foldable with a large display on the inside
  • Screen diagonal: approx. 5.8 inches outside, 7 – 8 inches inside
  • Price should be below the competition
  • Most likely with Google Tensor
  • The camera is probably a rather older model
  • Market launch unknown, postponed several times.

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