Elon Musk said all Teslas will be equipped with free Karaoke App

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on social media today that all Teslas will be equipped with karaoke functions for free. That means car owners can sing on Tesla. Musk has mentioned car karaoke several times in recent years, and Tesla has previously been developing its own music streaming service.

According to previous reports, Tesla officially launched the TeslaMic wireless microphone on the official Tmall flagship store on February 28 this year. Previously, the microphone has been listed on Tesla’s online store, but it has been in short supply.

In addition, Tesla’s Year of the Tiger OTA (version 2022.2.1) brings entertainment upgrades exclusive to mainland China, including in-vehicle KTV functions. After the car owner connects to the Tesla Mic, the user can sing through QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music while driving.

Tesla said in a regulatory filing filed Monday local time in the United States that the company will increase spending by $1 billion this year to expand factories, develop new batteries, and fund other projects.

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