Testing: Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory made the first 4680-battery for Model Y

At the time Texas Gigafactory began production, and delivery of Model Y using 4680 cells and structured battery packs, Tesla’s Gigafactory in Glenhead, Brandenburg, a suburb of Berlin, also produced the first Model Y equipped with this battery.

Model Y with 4680 cells and structured battery packs was first produced in Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory. Local media reported on Friday based on sources who did not disclose the car’s identity in the report. Specific offline time.

Tesla launched the 4680 battery at the 2020 Battery Day event. This battery is high in density, has higher output power, and has a lower cost. Equipped with this type of battery, it will help improve the battery life of electric vehicles. Reduce overall costs.

After seeing the foreign media reports, the Berlin Gigafactory is not producing the first 4680-battery Model Y as much as Texas Gigafactory, because sources have revealed that the 4680 battery has been rolled off the assembly line. Model Y car is just for testing, they plan to test more pre-production models.

As per Tesla’s plan, both the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory will produce 4680 batteries, which means that the Berlin Gigafactory will also mass-produce Model Y equipped with 4680 batteries in the future.

The Berlin Gigafactory produced the first 4680 battery Model Y and it just car may not be used for delivery, starting to produce Model Y equipped with this battery means that they are working on subsequent mass production. If the battery has a sufficient supply mass production will be expected.

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