YouTube Music testing a new dynamic queue feature

YouTube refers of course one of the frequently improved apps of Google. As often you may have noticed while listening to a track, or the app’s auto-generated queue, jumping to the next song usually just gives you more of the same — the whole evolve by the YTM, which tries to keep it on and on for you.

As we saw recently it adopts media controls borrowed from Android 13, to enhance things a more cohesive look. Not all the new stuff first come on Android, though, and today we learn about the service testing a “dynamic queue” setting on iOS devices.

The implication is as relevant as possible. But if you’re looking to more absolutely change things up — maybe shift to another genre — you have to select another song from YouTube Music’s library or hop on another radio. The ultimately change queue seems designed to make that sort of exploration a little easier, as shared by Redditor /u/-nuksoc/. When it’s switched on, skipping a song midway would change future queued songs “based on your listening behavior.”


The thing that is also covered before by testing over YouTube music ‘Dynamic queue’, the point notet that not everyone likes it much and initial comments on Reddit (via 9to5Google) suggest the feature could ruin the mood for audiophiles with an eclectic taste, queuing up Post Malone right after Black Sabbath.

This might not take worth if we say this feature isn’t fully ready for prime time yet and needs some more adjustments before it will really help expand your music discovery.

Dynamic queue appears to be in testing on both iOS and in YouTube Music’s web interface for some users, where it can be toggled on and off under “Playback & restrictions.”

Until now we are not actually aware this YouTube Music’s web is available on the Android app. Till then I deliver about the confidant  news of the same stay in connection

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