Twitter Blue subscription service now more expensive

People often marvel at how free Twitter is, but that’s not the case for some users. In fact, last year the company launched a Twitter Blue subscription service in select countries and regions, paying $2.99 ​​a month to get some additional enhancements. However, Matt Navara said that the monthly fee in the United States will be raised to $4.99.

For veteran users who are willing to buy this subscription service that still has ads, they will still pay for it, but this price increase will also make many people think about whether these value-added services are worth buying.

Twitter Blue subscriptions provide a number of value-added services, ranging from useful features (such as undoing tweets to fix typos, custom navigation, Top Articles of people the user is following, etc.) to trivial features (such as choosing a different app) icon) and so on.

In an email sent to users, the Twitter Blue team argued that the price increase was to create more features that users demand, improve existing value-added services, and continue its mission to support journalism.

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