Before time Samsung confirmed all the Galaxy Z Flip 4 colors and combination

After disclosing various images and extraordinarily detailed pre-unwrap reports, you might be surprised to hear that what’s there left for professional leakers like Evan Blass to be revealed about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 forwards of their combined official August 10 broadcast.

Leave it to Samsung to accidentally, unwrap a major part of the Z Flip 4 puzzle, a handset already confirmed to take a fine filtration and so many colors to the table alternatively of an exhaustive restructured design. Rumored get just a few days ago by rock-solid leaker they capture an image in great detail a group of other combinations create most possible by an inflate Bespoke modification program are mentioned right now on a Concern Plus-devoted segment of Samsung’s UK website.

Verify the Full list mentioned here:

“Full” might not be the right word to describe what you’re about to search or browse, as the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke edition was at one key point report, or we can say rumors to discover an easy simple and surprising ambitious total of more than 1,000, flashy combination. But here are 70+ of the devices Samsung likely expects to be sold like hotcakes soon, at least in the UK:

• Black/green/navy
• Black/green/red
• Black/green/white
• Black/green/yellow
• Black/navy/green
• Black/navy/navy
• Black/navy/red
• Black/navy/white
• Black/navy/yellow
• Black/red/green
• Black/red/red
• Black/red/white
• Black/red/yellow
• Black/white/green
• Black/white/navy
• Black/white/red
• Black/white/white
• Black/white/yellow
• Black/yellow/green
• Black/yellow/navy
• Black/yellow/red
• Black/yellow/white
• Black/yellow/yellow
• Blue
• Bora Purple
• Gold/green/green
• Gold/green/navy
• Gold/green/red
• Gold/green/white
• Gold/green/yellow
• Gold/navy/green
• Gold/navy/navy
• Gold/navy/red
• Gold/navy/white
• Gold/navy/yellow
• Gold/red/green
• Gold/red/navy
• Gold/red/red
• Gold/red/white
• Gold/red/yellow
• Gold/white/green
• Gold/white/navy
• Gold/white/red
• Gold/white/white
• Gold/white/yellow
• Gold/yellow/green
• Gold/yellow/navy
• Gold/yellow/red
• Graphite
• Pink Gold
• Silver/green/green
• Silver/green/navy
• Silver/green/red
• Silver/green/white
• Silver/green/yellow
• Silver/navy/green
• Silver/navy/red
• Silver/navy/white
• Silver/navy/yellow
• Silver/red/green
• Silver/red/navy
• Silver/red/red
• Silver/red/white
• Silver/red/yellow
• Silver/white/green
• Silver/white/navy
• Silver/white/red
• Silver/white/yellow
• Silver/yellow/green
• Silver/yellow/navy
• Silver/yellow/red
• Silver/yellow/white
• Silver/yellow/yellow

The first of those colors, in terms you are admiring, is the framework of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which means Samsung will include at least an auric or gold choice for that element to the black and silver already provide in the Z Flip 3 Bespoke Studio.

Then you have smartphones. The front and back parts will be wrapped in so many consolidations of green, navy, red, white, and yellow it totally depend on your specific preferred style. The Z Flip 3 already arrived in five front and back colors of its own (blue, pink, yellow, white, and black).

We can guardedly suppose that Samsung has many more choices in their waterworks for the Z Flip 4 that are quietly to explain slightly. If we move to the internal storage, then your selection will possibly be between 128 and 256GB.

Five colors are also fixed in stone for Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Watch:

They said that there is anxious when it rains, it rushes, which surely verifies out as far as Samsung’s small blunder. This is anything but small, in fact, also disclosing these three main Galaxy Z Fold 4 models place to be created present or available soon with your selection of 256 or 512 gigs of local digital covetous or hoarding room:

  • Beige
  • Grey/green
  • Phantom Black

And let’s move to the

Galaxy Watch 5 variants with and without standalone cellular connectivity:
  • 40mm Gold
  • 40mm Graphite
  • 40mm Graphite Golf
  • 40mm Silver
  • 44mm Blue
  • 44mm Graphite
  • 44mm Graphite Golf
  • 44mm Silver

In the pipeline clearly only two Galaxy Watch 5 Pro variations:

  • 45mm Black
  • 45mm Titanium

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