Direct access to Nest Camera through Chromecast with Google TV

With an update to Chromecast with Google TV, you can operate your nest camera from TV through Chromecast without moving a bit. With this feature, you can monitor your house without missing anything while watching TV. This update comes on Chromecast’s ninth anniversary hits a week.

Chromecast with Google TV allows users to see a live feed directly on their TV with the help of the Nest camera. Chromecast can’t be able to use this function itself because Google TV runs on its OS, Google Assistant needs to be synced with Nest cameras to show a live feed.

Previous Chromecast required some command from the device to cast on TV like Google Assistant or Nest Mini. Both the newest nest devices and first-generation Nest Cameras will be allowing this feature.

Nest camera devices to see live feed:

  • Nest cam Indoor and Outdoor(battery)
  • Nest Cam Indoor(wired)
  • Nest Cam with floodlight
  • Nest Doorbell(battery)

Step to use the Nest camera through Chromecast:

  • Switch On your Chromecast with Google TV.
  • Press and hold the Assistant button on the Chromecast remote.
  • Ask Google Assistant to show you your cameras or ask for a particular camera space you want to see like ” Show me my front door” or “Show me the garden area”.

After giving the command to Google Assistant, the front door camera appear on the screen. When you used it, again and again, it’s become more useful to check the camera and if you have a Nest doorbell then this feature becomes more useful.

The time difference between the camera appearing on the screen and the actual movement is not that big. It also provides clear audio from the camera, and it’s an easy way to see what is happening around your surroundings.

You can’t speak through Chromecast it’s just a one-way transmission, you only watch and hear sound occur around the camera. Now, this feature is still useful because it enables you to monitor your surroundings.

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