Google: Stadia service will not be shut down

There have been recent rumors that Google will shut down the cloud gaming service Stadia this summer, but today Google officially clarified that the official tweet said very bluntly, “Please rest assured, we have been working hard to provide more excellent games for this platform and Stadia Pro. “This isn’t the first time Google has clarified where Stadia is going.

Last year, Google claimed the service was “alive” after VP and head of product John Justice left. Before that, its first-party studio was shut down to focus on being a platform.

There are reports that games like Supermassive Games’ “Quarry” and Squanch Games’ “High on Life” were originally planned as Google Stadia exclusives, but because Google closed first-party studios, these games became traditional games.

Still, Google Stadia hasn’t made a big move recently. Stadia Pro continues to add new games, with Saints Row 3: Remastered, Shantae: Half-Elf Hero Ultimate Edition, and Murder by Numbers coming in August.

In addition, some major titles will also land on Stadia, including Ubisoft’s “Blue Sea and Black Sails” and EA’s FIFA 23. At present, Google Stadia is still insisting. How long it can maintain that pace, especially given the number of projects Google has killed in the past, remains to be seen.

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