Steam, Epic,, Paypal and more banned in Indonesia

According to IGN Southeast Asia, the Indonesian government has banned Steam, PayPal,, Epic and other sites, a move that will leave tens of millions of players without access to their game libraries.

The move comes after Indonesia passed a new law requiring online platforms and services to apply for a license to continue operating in the country. Both local and foreign tech companies that do not successfully apply are at risk of having their online services blocked.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo), as of July 29, Indonesia had received a total of 8,680 domestic license applications and 282 foreign license applications.

However, multiple major online service providers, including Steam, Epic,, Ubisoft, EA, Nintendo, and Origin, failed to apply for a license by the deadline. It’s unclear if services like Steam and Epic Games will regain access if registered on Kominfo.

With a large number of players unable to access their game library, on social media, a large number of Indonesian players suggested circumventing the problem by changing DNS or using scientific means.

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