Flick input sensitivity now in Gboard, but not for swipe typing

A few days ago, Google brought Gboard themes which are rich out to the navigation bar on Android phones and introduced the Material You feature to its existing user. Now, Gboard brings Flick input sensitivity for Japanese Android users, and this feature you cannot use as swipe/glide typing. 

Steps to use Flick input sensitivity feature:

  • Go to Gboard settings, select Preferences, and see the Flick input sensitivity option last in the list.
  • In this you can set sensitivity level by clicking this “Sensitivity level for sliding input” and there five choices are available Low, Mid-low, Normal, Mid-high, or High.

One thing is clear here this option not for swipe/glide because you can’t be able to swipe between increments. This feature is for a Japanese keyboard set and uses “Flick input”. Google is also available preferences toggle in the Gboard for adding supported language.

When you are in the settings app to enable the Flick input sensitivity option then you see that the wide appearance but it’s only for the beta version may be changed in its stable version. This feature comes in version and this version is currently in the beta phase of Gboard.

This feature was added to Gboard after version 11.8. For those who want to use the feature check on Android 11 running devices like Pixel and Samsung where you can use it.

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