OnePlus Official Statement: Smartphone sales stop in Germany

After Nokia win the licensing of the patent case, Germany banned the sales of OPPO and OnePlus devices. The matter is a heavy blow, especially for OnePlus, since the new OnePlus 10T 5G just launched across the world including the European market. We requested the manufacturer about the plans for the near future and received an answer today.

When asked, OnePlus informed us that they always strictly adhere to the laws in the respective markets. The importance of intellectual property as a driver of innovation is also respected. Fair access to essential patents is also appreciated. However, Nokia is demanding license fees at an “unreasonable level”. We are working to clarify the legal situation as quickly as possible.

Although the sale and marketing of affected products have currently been discontinued, OnePlus remains loyal to the German market and will continue to be active here. In the meantime, OnePlus users in Germany can continue to use their devices and the corresponding services without restrictions. Customer service and software updates remain active.

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