Saints Row pre-load, launch date and PS4/PS5 sizes revealed

According to the latest report, the PS4 and PS5 sizes of the game called Saints Row were revealed via PlayStation Game Size on Twitter. The PlayStation 4 size of Saint Row is 60.394 GB while the PlayStation 5 size of the game is 53.546 GB.

PlayStation Game Size also revealed the pre-load and launch date of Saints Row, the pre-load date is August 21/2022 while the launch date is August 23/2022 two days after the pre-load.

According to the PlayStation Game Size report, the dimensions are updated to version 1.001.000 (1.01 for PS4), but it is not clear whether or not the classic day-one patch will be downloaded at launch. At the moment, however, no details for the digital versions of Saints Row for Xbox and PC consoles.

Saints Row will be available for the console, PC and Google Stadia. This is the reboot of the Volition open-world series born in 2006, a return to the classic origins but which does not renounce the over-the-top tones that distinguish the brand.

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