Diablo Immortal latest update introduces a large number of content

Today, Blizzard one of the most popular games Diablo Immortal introduces a new update that includes a large number of content. This update also includes two new limited-time event gameplay, new legendary equipment for each class, and optimized content such as dungeon teamwork, mission settings, wild and PVP.

Official Announcement:

Dear adventurer, it is a great honor to meet you in the world of Diablo: Immortal. Have you enjoyed your adventure during this time? Thank you for making this world a little better again. In order to make your experience more comfortable, the world of “Diablo: Immortal” will receive an important update.

The update time is 8:00-10:00 on August 17, 2022, at which time the server will be stopped for maintenance and the version will be updated. During the maintenance period, you will not be able to log in to the game. Adventurers, you should pay attention to your time and avoid unnecessary losses to yourself. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this, adventurers. After maintenance, you will experience the latest game version.

Updated Content:

[Limited-time gameplay: Dispute Echoes]

  • The game between the Shadow Society and the Immortal has gone through countless reincarnations in Sanctuary and never stops. In the rounds of battles, they use their strength to decide the outcome.
  • Regardless of whether it is a shadow player or an immortal, before the official battle, there will be countless battle simulations, which has become a compulsory course for everyone, and this kind of battle simulation, we call it, the dispute echo.
  • Players who reach level 30 can enter the battlefield at a fixed time every day on the date when Echoes of Dispute opens.
  • There are 16 places in each battle, of which 1 random will be used as a virtual immortal, and the remaining 15 will be used as virtual shadowers. The two sides will have a fair duel in the competitive mode where the attributes are balanced to a fixed value!
  • As long as you don’t quit midway! After the duel ends, you can get experience, equipment and universal materials as rewards! You can also go to the event interface to claim the exclusive rewards of the event’s Dispute Echoes!
  • The winning side in the duel will receive an additional victory chest!
  • Participation conditions: player level ≥ 30
  • Dispute Echoes Open Date: August 17, 2022, 03:00 to September 14, 2022 02:59

[Limited-time gameplay: Chaos Secret Realm]

  • The former genius magician of Horadrim, Jotun Kuller, in his past research, used the Chaos Spar to open a connection with a mysterious place in ancient times – Chaos Secret Realm.
  • During the opening date of the Chaos Secret Realm, you can enter the mysterious Chaos Secret Realm by passing through the passage through the Chaos Spar.
  • Affected by the power of Chaos, the Chaos Secret Realm has its own operating rules. If you want to enter the Secret Realm, please read the Secret Realm Code carefully.

Secret Code:

  • The Chaos Rift does not allow any equipment and props to enter.
  • All properties in the Chaos Rift will be reset to their original state.
  • The Rift affix of Chaos Rift will affect all life in the Rift, including monsters and you.
  • Chaos Rift skills limit the skills you can use.
  • The Chaos Rift will change the scene and monsters every time you enter. The higher the layers, the stronger the monsters you face.
  • Chaos Rift has exclusive chaos equipment, you can strengthen yourself in the Rift, but you cannot take it out of the Rift.
  • Chaos Secret Realm will give you an exclusive lucky level. The higher the level, the easier it is to meet high-star equipment, and the attributes will be better.
  • The Chaos Rift will give you five chances to revive if you fail. If you run out of revivals, the challenge will fail.
  • Chaos Rift has a total of 15 floors, and you will get rewards if you pass floors 5, 10, and 15 for the first time every week.
  • The Chaos Rift resets every Wednesday and refreshes the Rift’s features and rewards.
  • The Chaos Rift only records the challenging history of the same class. After changing classes, you need to challenge again, but the reward progress will not be affected.
  • Participation conditions: Complete the main storyline of the library or the player level reaches level 37
  • The opening date of Chaos Mystery: August 17, 2022, 03:00 to September 14, 2022, 02:59

【New Costume: Scourge Monster】

  • From the origin of chaos, they have been incompatible with angels for thousands of years. They act willfully and show their unscrupulousness to the fullest; they never give up on you, they want to test your heart, will they always be as firm as ever?
  • The new fashion scourge monsters are on the shelves! After purchasing, you will get a complete set of fashion appearances including weapons, armor, and clothing! In addition, there are also luxurious collections including portals to choose from!

【New Equipment: Legendary Equipment】

  • Everyone has it, and never fails! Each class will unlock a new set of legendary equipment.
  • This batch of legendary equipment mainly focuses on giving players the ability to control and interrupt. We can’t wait to see how these terms affect your genre, or lead to entirely new gameplay.
  • Thirty-six new Class Legendary gear:
  • This batch of legendary equipment mainly focuses on giving players the ability to control and interrupt. We can’t wait to see how these terms affect your genre, or lead to entirely new gameplay.


  • Shooting Frost (Head): When attacked by Frost Ray 6 times, it will be frozen for 2 seconds.
  • Escape Girdle (Shoulders): Teleporting also removes the most recently acquired negative status.
  • Thunder Clouds (Clothes): Lightning Nova turns into a burst Nova, which explodes into several small Nova when you click again or when it reaches the end, dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Stanik (Main Hand): Arcane Cyclone no longer charges, but instead summons an updraft to knock enemies into the air.
  • Body of Rock (Off-Hand): Frost Armor can now resist the next 6 damages, and apply cold to surrounding enemies while resisting damage.
  • Cracking Force (Pants): Meteorite now instantly drops multiple small meteors forward, knocking back enemies and causing stuns.


  • Smiley Figure (Head): Taking damage during the Undying Wrath will trigger a rage counterattack, causing damage to surrounding enemies (up to once within 0.5 seconds).
  • Falling Mountain (Shoulder): You take 20% less damage during Cyclone Strike.
  • Tribal Weight (Clothes): When Berserk Charge collides with the terrain, it will generate a shock wave, causing damage to the surrounding area and an additional 1-second stun.
  • Swinger (Main Hand): Grab is changed to sprint forward, grab the first enemy it hits, continue to charge for a while, then jump up and smash to the ground, causing group damage and slowing effect.
  • Steel hagfish (off-hand): The chain spear applies a drain mark to the enemy for 5 seconds, and when attacking the marked enemy, it gains a life recovery equal to 5% of the damage.
  • Arrogant High Strength (Pants): When the leap hits the ground, the enemy will be knocked into the air.

Martial artist

  • Fusion Crown (Head): Your spiritual body devotes itself to you and can split 20% of the damage.
  • Shenguangguan (Shoulder): Jin Zhong Po turns into a wave of energy that is released in all directions, causing damage to enemies in the path and adding ignition.
  • Oath of Peace (Clothes): Taking damage while using Zen Guardian will trigger a shelter counterattack, causing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Flying Soul (Main Hand): The spirit body changes into a spirit body that rushes out in the specified direction, taunting and attacking monsters along the way.
  • Spirit Gatherer (Off-Hand): Exploding Palm now folds both hands together, gathering all enemies in front of it into the middle.
  • Stance of Dangerous Tower (Pants): Kick can now charge up for a powerful kick, knocking back enemies and adding a stun.


  • Scattering Mask (Head): When casting Hatred, it will also release a terrifying inner demon that fears surrounding enemies for 3 seconds and deals damage.
  • Resolve (Shoulder): Multi-shot will also knock back the enemy, this effect can only be triggered once for the player within 6 seconds.
  • Shadow Armor (clothes): The smoke bomb turns into a smoke bomb that is thrown at the designated location, greatly reducing the vision of the enemy within the range.
  • Alternative nourishment (main hand): Every 4 times the explosive arrow hits, it will generate a more powerful explosion to knock back the enemy. The knockback effect can only be triggered once for the player within 3 seconds.
  • Bang Bang Bow (Off-Hand): Shadow Knife hits enemies with negative status, and its damage is increased by 15%.
  • Buckle Belt (Pants): The Fan of Knives Trap becomes a Hatred Trap. When triggered, surrounding enemies are imprisoned for 3 seconds, and the witcher’s damage is increased by 30%.


  • The shell of Zeratus (Head): The shield is protected by an aegis in the process of charging, which can reflect the enemy’s projectiles and cause damage.
  • Calamity Falls (Shoulders): Increases damage dealt by 10% during Holy Light Protection.
  • Heavenly Retribution (clothes): Heavenly Retribution now summons Heavenly Thunder to strike at the specified location, causing continuous damage.
  • Throne of Suffering (Main Hand): Swipe turns into throwing a chain hammer, forming a storm that slowly drags enemies along the way forward.
  • Slam Heart (Off-Hand): Scourge also increases damage by 3% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum of 15%.
  • Flame Wanhua (Pants): The Warhorse Drag now rides the Thunder Warhorse to continuously shock random enemies around, and enemies who are shocked three times will enter a stunned state.


  • Spiritual Deed Symbiosis (Head): 20% of the damage you take is borne by the Stone Demon.
  • Abandoned (Shoulder): The sharp stab also knocks the enemy back.
  • Invisible Binding (Clothes): When using the Ghost Form, the imprisonment, deceleration and cold state of the body will be removed.
  • Shattered Jaws (Main Hand): Scythe now throws a helical scythe forward, knocking enemies back and dealing multiple damages over time. Scythe now no longer charges.
  • Wanderer’s Foul Eater (Off-Hand): The Wraith now summons an uncontrolled powerful Wraith that roams randomly and deals damage to enemies it passes through. Now charges up to 2 times.
  • Empty Abyss (Pants): Curse of Darkness will generate Cursed Eyes that continuously taunt surrounding enemies.

【Reincarnation of the Path of the Ancestor】

  • The ancestors have always been by your side, and the new road of the ancestors will be opened at 3:00 on August 23, server time zone time! Follow the guidance of the ancestors, improve the power level of the ancestors, and harvest the enhanced immortal keystones and legends that the ancestors prepared for you. Equipment, Legendary Gems, and more! Unlock Ancestral Blessings, and get a new themed series appearance “Justice incarnate” and new emotes!

【Limited Time Event: Monthly Tour】

Every night, in the dreams of the hermits, there is a mysterious moon rising. Profits and losses flow, and the brilliance fades away. Complete the task of the hermit of the moon, offer the shimmer of the moon, from the new moon to the hope, the full moon will also meet your expectations. Participating in the lottery will have the opportunity to get rich game props, and you will have the opportunity to win the Xbox Series X game console, Zippo Diablo custom lighter, China Post Diablo co-branded stamp gift box, Cloud Music monthly card, Himalayan 7-day VIP experience coupon, etc.!

  • Participation conditions: Player level ≥ 20
  • The month-by-month tour starts from 03:00 on August 26, 2022 to 02:59 on August 29, 2022
  • ·Experience optimization
  • The team experience between players has been optimized:
    1. In Hell 2~5 difficulty, the group size requirement for Wild Dungeons and Hidden Ruins has been reduced from 4 to 2.
    2. If more than 4 people participate in the team, an additional treasure box will be dropped when the dungeon is completed, and the treasure box needs to be opened by 4 people.

(Note: The dungeon of the high-level hell is more difficult, and 2 people will face greater challenges. It is recommended that adventurers gather as many people as possible.)

    1. Optimized the related experience of matching teams.

Adjusted some in-game mission designs:

  • The Demon God’s Silent Gaze • Gorgosia has arrived, and the Sanctuary is facing a huge threat. Ancestors’ Notes – Growth and Conquest has added a new chapter to challenge Gorgosia’s mission objective.
  • Adjusted the Season Journey quest to remove the quest objective of collecting Chapter Treasure Chests.
  • Adjusted the Ancestral Notes quest, and removed the goal of completing the Chapter Camp in the Ancestral Notes – Departure Chapter.

Adjusted some wild gameplay:

  • Increased the chance of Goblins dropping rare and legendary equipment while running and defeating.
  • Adjusted the battle experience of field bosses.

Some dungeon gameplay has been adjusted:

  • Optimized the battle experience of Echo Ice Cave.
  • Optimized the display of recommended battle levels for Immortal Rifts.

Adjusted some PVP and faction gameplay:

  • Optimized the matching logic of the Battle Hymn of the Holy Relic, and it is easier for players to match the game.
  • The opening hours of the treasure house are adjusted to 12:00-13:00 and 19:00-20:00.

The market-related experience has been optimized:

  • Optimize the benefits of the monthly card. Players who activate the monthly card can directly open the portable market in the market mail.
  • In the event that the goods in the market are successfully sold, or the sale has expired, it will be combined into one notification email, which will only be sent once a day.
  • Optimized the stuttering phenomenon that occurs when buying a large number of goods in batches in the market.

Other optimizations and adjustments:

  • The craftsmen in the Sanctuary have instilled the energy from the World Stone for the [Class Transfer Standby Equipment], and the transfer standby equipment can carry on the essence of inheritance, helping the warriors to exert greater power in the adventure.
  • Optimized some text descriptions: “Calamity” and “Time and Space Reversal” inscription skills for the wizard’s teleportation skills, “Corrosive Bomb” and “One Hand Covers the Sky” inscription skills for the witcher’s smoke bomb skills, Holy Religion The description of the “Sanctification” inscription skill of the military holy light body protection skill has been supplemented.
  • Optimized the related experience of adding friends.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the elevator stage could be skipped in Fasher’s Tomb.
  • Fixed the problem that the cooling time of Heart of Phoenix was displayed abnormally.

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