Get Unified Search in Pixel Launcher with Android 13

After the launch of Android 13 for Pixel phone users notices some feature change with this latest version as the disappearance of some icons from the Unified Pixel launcher. But there are some other features like icons that remain the same as before for example the top app grid. The search at the bottom is also the same as it is. About the Unified Pixel launcher, one good thing is that it unites the device and web.

In the Android 13 beta version, Google always working on the unifying Google search on the home screen and device search in the app box. Although in the stable version we see the same as Android 12.1.

Google says that the problem with the Unified Pixel launcher will be resolved in the upcoming release. You can also try to resolve this with ADB commands. But maybe run this cmd you will miss out on some functionality like some function or shortcuts.                          ADB shell                                                            cmd device_config put launcher enable_one_search true

am-force-stop launcher       

After running this command you can resolve some problems with a unified Pixel launcher but after rebooting the device the change will be back to as before. You can again activate this setting whenever you want to.

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