Pixel 5 issues with Android 13

Now, after several tests, Android 13 is available for Pixel phones and other Android devices. It seems like some of the bugs didn’t fix while in beta phase testing and remain in this OS. This is when a user of Pixel 5 updated their OS to Android 13 they face some issues. For this update Pixel, 4, and onward devices are eligible. These devices are Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a(5G), Pixel 5, pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a. After updating these devices to Android 13 they encounter around 100 issues.

Due to this you shouldn’t update your phone with Android 13 and leave the primary OS. If you have already updated your device with the latest version of OS, you wait how the company fixes this problem.

Issues on Pixel 5 after Android 13 update

Some users go to the Pixel community to resolve this issue. So, here few of the Pixel 5 issues with Android 13 listed below:

  • Charging: After updating OS the Pixel phone is unable to charge with the Pixel stand. some users also receive a message phone not charging and some apps unable to open.
  • Bluetooth pairing: Problem connecting to other devices via Bluetooth. Even if the devices show is connected successfully, they continuously disappear.
  • Unusual vibration: Some phone faces unusual vibrating issue. The Pixel 5 keeps vibrating without use and notifications. It vibrates multiple times in a minute.
  • Dead: When some Pixel 5 updated to Android 13 their screen went black and did not respond. Nothing working not a power button, volume button, and the SIM inserting also not working.
  • Camera not working: Switch to Android 13 front cameras stopped working. The rear camera also faded away.
  • Battery draining: The battery lower very fast with this OS. The screen time is also reduced. Battery usage is also not displayed on some devices.

When you restart your device for time being some of the issues are fixed temporarily. On another hand, some devices are even stuck in restarting the process, and their phones restart again and again. Here are some more issues apart from the above-mentioned issues.

Some Other Issues

  • Constantly disconnecting Wi-Fi
  • Hearing own voice in a headset during calls
  • One speaker not working
  • Freeze notification clock
  • Constantly restarting

If you are not receiving this OS update so you will be safe from all these issues and troubles. Because of this Google advises you to stop upgrading your OS. The company continuously working on these issues. You also remain the same to Android 12 to keep yourself away from these issues.

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