Google brings RawNeRF for Dark scene

In this, you know about the NeRF method. Through this, you can enhance your images to be high-quality. Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) it’s the method through which you can high-quality view synthesis from a collection of posed input images. In this, you can change camera viewpoint, focus, tonemapping, and exposure to improve image quality. Now Google Research brings features of RawNeRF with NeRF in the Dark: High Dynamic Range View Synthesis from Noisy Raw Images at the Computer Vision and Patten Recognition 2022 conference.

NeRF is a network that takes 2D images and creates a 3D scene. Google introduced RawNerf for a dark scene. It joins images taken from different Cameras and denoise and reconstructs. This technique uses Raw images, it removes noise which very impressive thing. You can see the difference below in images from previous to new. Google’s RawNeRF is more efficient than other NeRF because it recovers much more accurate color and details throughout the scene.

This accuracy encourages TV trope characters to enhance their images and provides high-resolution images.


Google’s RawNeRF method more focuses on camera positioning angle as compared to denoise the images. It also focuses on one map, exposure, and importantly on defocus with accurate bokeh effects. Currently, this method is in its research phase, and doesn’t know yet when it will work products. Overall, this very new and useful method makes Raw images of high quality.

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