Google Play Games for PC, which enhance gaming

Last year, Google announced that it will bring Play Games for PC which is currently in beta. For testing, these games need a limited number of regions, supported games, and dedicated graphics cards. Google provides an easy way to join PC Games and explore more features like new regions and hardware. In January this limited beta was removed from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. But now the players from Thailand and Australia join this and enjoy games.  All this because it expands to beta for all supported markets.

Facts about Google Play Games For PC:

  • Google Play Games for PC come to these countries for some time. The language of the landing page is changed last month but now it become official.
  • During this beta program company expanded its catalog to include over fifty titles. The company significantly reduced the computing power to join the Google Play Games for PC.
  • Previously you needed to play games GPU paired with 8GB Of RAM and 20GB of storage. But in January the company says that in the future this requirement will be lower.

Now GPUs are supported by the Play Games, so it means there is no need for Nvidia needed. All you need is a PC with Windows 10 or higher, featuring a 4-core CPU with integrated graphics and 10 GB of SSD space. As compared to mobile games this specification of PC Games is more useful and enhances the playing experience.

If you supported any five regions, you could join this beta version of Games. The company doesn’t disclose that about the additional regions. This Games for PC improve player gaming experience than before.

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