Two Google camera apps but why not one?

Google Camera, it’s a photo software used on the Android operating system. Some apps on Android discontinue, and some apps rename. The second app is the Go, which is also known as the “lite”. For low-powered devices, it is slimmed down.

Android Go could stop used in the coming days

Google now redeveloping the Camera app, or it may stop using the Android Go app. The company does not confirm what its plan is. Google may be bringing its alternative which is appeared on devices Created with Google.

Google Camera apps in the Play Store

Users don’t get clear information about all three apps of Google camera. Due to the Google Camera and Camera from Google, there are also Pixel Camera services. Google uses this for providing more functionality to the Pixel apps. They called it a system component also.

Google Camera (1)


There is a chance to Android Go could follow Android One

The company could plan something, maybe they don’t release alternative apps for so long, but they post some updates about that. This also happened with Android Go. Android One stopping without any official announcement. Users may think this is strange. The company may support some Android apps in the future. You can see the names of apps in Google pre-installed apps.

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