Pixel Server enhance the photo quality on Google Photos

In 2016, the Pixel phone has a strong selling advantage because they have full-quality images after backing up Google Photos without any charge. This is not present in the future model. Some people still use the old model because of this backup feature. The previous model Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have full-quality photos uploaded without any charge.

For this backup photos should be present in the camera folder, and it takes their backup to the cloud whether it doesn’t whether taken by this device or another. Images from DSLR/mirrorless cameras their backup also can take. But the format of photos should be recognized by the Google Photos app. For now, the company is sticking to the current upload strategies for the backup of media and other devices.

About the Reddit poster for media file transfer, they are using Syncthing. It’s a cross-platform file synchronization tool, to transfer files from one Pixel device to other like they upload Images on the Google Photos app. To control the battery charge for example when the battery is like 20-50%. They also use battery bypass when possible.

Users encounter a quality issue when they take backup that’s the reason some don’t leave the original Pixel phone. Google photos have two backup options one Storage saver and original quality. For better quality and more data, you need to use the paid option of Google Photos.

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