Google Assistant check regular for ‘Search this screen’ on Android

Last year, Google Assistant brought that What’s on my screen? Now, this time it brings with Lens branded shortcut, and it replaces the previous one with Search this screen for Android.  In What’s on my screen the lens button is not activated whenever you call for Google Assistant. This lens shows when you open Chrome and Twitter apps, still this option in the third-party apps. When you use it for visual search it’s not that useful. You can use the Android Recents menu for visual search as another option.

From some references, the Search this screen button appears in the Assistant app on Android. The button looks appear everywhere, rather than in the app or context. In the current option, the lens branded here only one difference before then now that when you tap it you can capture the current screen and help to translate it. This also helps in other like Text, Search, Homework, Shopping, Places, and Dining filters.

Currently, this latest new Lens screen button assistant is not available. It only appeared in the Pixel 6 Pro phone, which has Google app version You can’t see this feature on various Pixel phones and other devices. Users hope that this new feature come soon and increase the usage of the lens.

Google Assistant check regular for 'Search this screen' on Android

When this feature comes, this is going to be helpful because through you can search your data with images and pre-written content. Maybe we can hope that it can provide this type of feature like where you don’t need to write or speak for search.

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