YouTube app on Google TV and smart TVs add ‘More’ section

Google makes some changes to the YouTube app which is used on Google TV, Android TV, and smart TV they remove the sidebar add a More section. This new feature is available for some users. This newly added feature changes the UI of the sidebar of the YouTube app. The company modify this sidebar so many times before. They add YouTube Music, altered icons, and some other changes also. Currently, these changes may be small as compared to previous changes.

Facts about More section in YouTube app on smart TV:

  • ¬†At the bottom of the YouTube app where the sidebar was displayed now there you can see the More section.
  • This section contains more options like Movies and TV Shows, Live, and Sports. Previous all these options were shown in the sidebar. The Sports menu is new for YouTube in this you will see the videos related to sports for example live MLB games.

YouTube on Google TV and smart TV with More section

This new change maybe removes some parts of the UI or clear up various options. Now on their nine options in the sidebar, previous, there were 10. This could look like a minor change, but this separates the settings and leave more space for adding a new feature in the future. You can see this change on Google TV and other smart TVs have to wait for this change, company now working on this.

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