Steps to update Google Nest Mini and Audio smart speakers

Nowadays very easy to update smart devices. But sometimes devices like speakers you don’t know how to update them. These problems also occur when updating the Google Nest Audio and Nest Mini both are Google Assistant speakers. You can manually check on your phone for new software updates. Maybe Google Nest Speakers should update automatically.

As per the design, these smart speakers are very simple and easy to use. When you are done with the initial process of setting then this menu goes away. This same thing happens with the updates. Google’s older speakers, Google Home, and Google Home Mini should update automatically when the new update is available. This process is much like when the Android’s new update is available on the Pixel phones. Devices out there are set to be a specific time interval to update.

You can check the updates in the setting menu of the Google Home app under Device Settings. For confirmation of the update, you need to go to the Google support pages and check update available or not. See updating the speakers is a very easy process you don’t need to worry about it. When your speakers are in updating mode, they blink at the top/front and wait until the process ends.

Update speakers by Force

  • You don’t need to update your Google Nest speaker manually, if you want you can update it with force. For this, you need to Factory Reset and then set up your speaker as new.
  • When the setup process restarts again speaker check for a new update and install it. In this process the LEDs on the device will be flashing, just wait to finish it.

You update your speaker very few times as compared to tablets and phones. Most of the time update the device when issues occur in hardware.

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