Annoying Features of iOS 16 and their fix

Now, iOS 16 released officially, previous compatible devices can download this latest iOS 16 like iPhone 8, iPhone SE (second generation and up), and those iPhones released after 2017. When you install this on your device then know about its features like a return of battery percentage to the icon or the ability to edit and unsend text messages. Some features of this iOS 16 are amazing, and some features are annoying for example new search button on the home page, which often taps and opens personal data.

You can also check some hidden features of iOS 16. There is a way to eliminate these annoying features of iOS 16.

Annoying features and setting how to fix them:

To stop unexpectedly opening personal photos and videos

In the Gallery, they’re a lot of photos of holidays, family time, friends, and others, these type you file you doesn’t want to open often without your concern. Now, Apple’s iOS 16 feature prevents this with the Featured content, though this is photos only present in the photo library and albums. For to set this you need to go to the Settings app, go into Photos and toggle off Show Featured Content.

To stop press the power button while calling and end the calls

Sometimes your call ends because of pressing the power button. This feature can solve this issue. You need to change some settings, in the Settings app, go to Accessibility > Touch, and toggle off Lock to End Call to prevent the side button from ending your calls. then when accidentally pressing the power button your call will not end.

Get rid of the search button from your home screen

The search button on the home screen most of the time triggers automatically when you don’t intend to search anything. This also solves with iOS 16, open the Settings app, go to Home Screen and toggle off Show on Home Screen to remove the search button from your home screen. Then the search bubble disappears.

Back to the old lock screen notifications

This latest version brings the redesign of widgets, customizable fonts, and colors, a wallpaper gallery, and stylized date and time to the lock screen, as well as one, overlooked change to notifications. Now, notifications appear at the bottom, which you can then tap on to appear full screen instead of appearing at the top. Not all users like this appearance of UI. If you want to get back to the previous setting you need to launch the Settings application and go to Notifications > Display. Then you see three options are:

  • Count: Notifications appear as a numbered count at the bottom of the screen.
  • Stack: Notifications appear in a stack at the bottom of the screen.
  • List: Notifications appear fully across your screen.

To see the old notification interface, you can choose from them and then you get what you used to see in iOS 15.

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