Google’s Stadia not working properly

Most people use the gaming platform Stadia which offer by Google. Before the Stadia platform was really good but for the past some weeks it’s not working properly. So, some users complain that they don’t enjoy it as they are before.

Recent updates say that Ubisoft is not upgrading its new Assassin’s Creed to Stadia. Previously, there lot of titles in the Franchise, and back Assassin’s Creed was the first game that came before Stadia. Back this game was very famous but now it’s not.

Ubisoft still working on it and releases it for Google Stadia in the coming months. Google should release more games maybe 100 this year but get probably only 50. From 9to5google reference expects 75 to 80 games to be released for Stadia this year. A new review mentioned that Stadia doesn’t have AAA titles. Few bigger games are there, but Stadia primarily caters to indie titles. It’s good but not for the business. Stray, Elden Ring, and Co., the big titles of the year don’t exist.

Some get the sequels, but these Borderlands, Madden, Football Manager, NBA 2K, and other titles didn’t get sequels on Stadia. Now, some users notice that in the past few months, extensions and bug fixes are also in short supply. This is a good platform but now it’s not properly updated and maintained. Right now, Stadia is not in good condition.

Lastly, hope that Google upgrades this platform and that users will enjoy it as before.

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