Google Workspace branding on the Android

Over the past few months, Android users notices that Google Workspace branding on their screens often and Google Keep is now the latest example. It is just the same as the last year, they are branding in Gmail on iOS. Users when using Gmail Chat and Room which are now called Spaces, suddenly Google Workspace branding shows up on the Gmail web client.

Update 12/2: Version 2021.11.14.x brings the Google Workspace branding to Gmail for Android. Compared to the splash screen app icon, it does not animate.

Update 7/7: “Google Workspace” now appears on the Gmail for iOS splash screen following today’s version 6.0.210613 update. Oddly, it’s currently only showing up on phones and not the iPad client. Similarly, the Spaces icon (three side-by-side people from the shoulder up) is starting to replace the previous one for Rooms (two squares and a rectangle) in the bottom bar.

Now, Google Workspace branding appears on Android when using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as the Meet merger. You will find Google Keep with version 5.22.362.x which is not released publicly yet.

This Workspace branding is more consumer-facing than the other apps and an update is now available. The biggest holdouts today are Google Calendar, Chat, and Tasks. Now, the client focuses more and more on cross-service integrations. On other hand, Calendar is another mostly used app on Android.

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