Google Play Store Redesign enables installing apps on Galaxy Watches easier

Now, Google mainly targeted several ecosystem devices that play well. Now, Google upgraded the Google Play Store app by adding a new menu which is known as the Other Devices. Through this feature, users can directly search apps for smartwatches, TVs, and cars via their phones. Samsung adopts Google’s Wear OS for Galaxy Watch 4 and no longer uses the Tizen OS.

From the beginning of the Samsung Smartwatches launched since then, it has the Play Store. So, then the users can install apps on their Galaxy smartwatch directly from the smartphone. But when you need to search app for smartwatches or TVs on your smartphone requires you to navigate through the app quite a bit. Now with redesigning of Google Play Store Google make this easier.

As per the 9To5Google spotted a new tab in the Play Store called Other Devices. When you open it, you can see three sub-sections, Watch, TV, and Car. As you might have figured by now, each of the three tabs shows apps made for that particular type of device. You can see their nine category-wise carousels, through this you can explore popular apps easier. With the redesigning of the Google Play Store users can directly search apps for their Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch 5 on their smartphone rather than going through apps for all kinds of devices.

This new redesign feature of the Google Play Store is now released to the public. The reaching of this feature to users it all depends on the region and their phone. It means if this feature not showing on your phone, then it takes more time when it’s rolling out widely.

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