WhatsApp may soon add the ability to turn yourself into a sticker

WhatsApp work to hatch the egg of the progress hights, its regular feature update and expedition made on its multiple new features in the range. The ability to create local chat backup and the feature to create group polls are other interesting feature that seems to be under development. Here in this article, we’ll be going to embrace the new feature developed by WhatsApp that you can create your sticker on it.

In the words that counter by the wabetainfo Whatsup is doing on a feature that would turn you into a sticker, it refers to one of the most used instant messaging platforms.

The new WhatsApp update features are in the beta version

Although, WhatsApp has some features that cannot be used as it is still in progress and soon be prepared to unfold. But there is even a flock of features that are accessible via beta programs for WhatsApp.

While considering the topic that WhatsApp strikes add the ability that may turn you into a sticker. The name of the feature is “Avatar”, on which WhatsApp is working for making it available. The latest feature of turning you into a sticker was found in the latest WhatsApp beta version on Android. Do note that this beta isn’t widely accessible yet.

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WABetaInfo shared a few screenshots that give us a glimpse of how this would work and how it would look in the WhatsApp app. Once you have created your avatar, it will be available in different poses and various emotions. One of the great features would be that, apart from sending your avatars within individual or group chats, you would also be able to set these avatars as your WhatsApp display picture or profile picture.

 Concluding segment…

Might you bloom to hear that expectation winds blow that you would get a bunch of customization options to make the WhatsApp avatar look nearly like you? Fun to let you know that it will be a cartoonish way. There will be a separate section for the avatar sticker in the WhatsApp menu where you usually find the emoji, sticker, and GIF sending options.

At every inch of the expedition, WhatsApp makes a generous conclusion to vail you more. And in the same way, I also would like to conclude the topic, stay tuned with us, and suggest more via @Realmicentral…

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