Now for older firmware rolled out PlayStation 5 jailbreak

In September, this year, PlayStation 5 team released a new system software update to PS5 players worldwide. In this several highly-requested features like 1440p HDMI video output and game lists, as well as social features like the ability to request a Share Screen from a fellow party member and more. For the past two years on the market, modders could jailbreak the PlayStation 5. There needs some more work to make that stable.

The update was given by security researcher SpecterDev, back they rolled out the firmware for the Playstation 4. For the PlayStation 5, the new experimental WebKit-based kernel exploits currently work with firmware version 4.03. This is not supported in new firmware versions so make some changes in it to support the older versions.

As per the GitHub page, take references from previous work by the flow, also called known as Andy Nguyen who has in the past contributed to exploits for the PlayStation 4 and is better know for his contributions to the PlayStation Vita community.

The new exploit will grant users root access and also to the console’s debug menu. With both of these options unlocked, those who are interested are now free to tinker with the console’s inner workings.

For some moments, due to the limitations of the exploit, users will be able to install but not run PKG files.

  • The exploit is unstable and doesn’t work all of the time. It will take several attempts to get it to run properly, and once it does, make sure you exit using the circle button instead of the PlayStation button.
  • The exploit provides read and write access, but no execution access. This means it’s not possible to run applications currently, though memory manipulation is currently possible.

While this was a surprise to many, the company stated that it was a necessity due to global inflation and currency fluctuations having to do with exchange rates.

That similar happened on the Nintendo 3DS, where exploits found in older firmware versions allowed modders better access to the inner workings of the system. From there, the floodgates were opened, even if it took some time.

Those who have a PlayStation 5 on a newer firmware version and want to emulate games or run homebrew, don’t lose hope just yet. As the PlayStation 5 scene advances, efforts on older versions will help further an overall understanding of the console’s inner workings.

Some part modders don’t understand in the system yet, which is why even this exploit is so limited. When using this new firmware users unlock more features and some updates make that resolve issues that occur.

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