Pixel 7 Pro’s 30x camera samples Super Res Zoom [Gallery]

On 6 October 2022 Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro rolled out with a 50MP main camera alongside a 12MP ultra-wide shooter. Pixel 7 series gets a 10.8MP front camera. The main new feature of Pixel 7 Pro is 48MP 5x telephoto zoom. The 48MP feature captures the image the same as the DSLR.

The company also shared three sets of samples outside of the keynote. In this, you see the photos of the main Manhattan sample of One World Trade Center starting at 0.5x with the second picture below at 1x. It goes all the way to 30x where you can see the clear image of the top of the building.

The Pixel 7 Pro phone begins a 20x camera using new machine learning upscale which is equipped with the Tensor G2. Back at 15x for using Zoom Stabilization users need a tripod to click the photos. From Google Alexander Schiffhauer two examples sets presented and detailed Pixel 7 Pro’s Zoom enhancements at the Made by Google keynote:

These are some of the last frontiers of smartphone photography, where phones haven’t been able to truly replicate the quality of a DSLR.


Pixel 7 Pro

The Google developer says why people spend money on cameras when Pixel phones use the Super Res Zoom since 2018. Most people purchase an expensive phone mainly for a camera that captures high-quality images. But you saw images taken from Pixel 7 Pro which is high in quality, which means if someone plans for a new phone for the camera then this phone is a good option.

In this, you see when capturing an image from far and when zooming it the picture pixels don’t change. It means from these phones you can get high-quality images.

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