Steps to install Recorder v4.0 and 2 enhancements in Google Contacts

On 6 October 2022, Google launched its flagship Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro along with the Pixel Watch. Both phones came with the new version of the Google Recorder 4.0. This new recorder enables to change of the playback speed. brings the ability to change the playback speed. When you open the recorder you can change the Playback Speed with the increment which places in the overflow menu.

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But, Android 11 brought the App Integrity feature so now this time Google doesn’t want to show its apps as sideloads.

Steps to install Google Recorder v4.0 from the APK Mirror

Non-root solution

Remove Google Play Services app updates, then update them. After that, you will have a short window during which you can sideload the APK.

Root Solution

1) Use the Xposed module to disable AppIntegrity.
2) Forbid to read /data/system/integrity_rules directory, for example via ADB command (first adb shell, then su): chmod -rwx /data/system/integrity_rules . After sideloading the app you can restore the directory permissions.

While following these steps if you don’t get any errors then apps install without any further change.

Download it On APK Mirror

Google Contacts: Two new enhancements

For added contacts to the Your People in the Google Assistant settings, there is now a corresponding block available. In ty his block you can listen to the pronunciation of the contact’s name and their relationship, people’s address. There is also a shortcut for the Google Assistant settings page.

Google Assistant will get a new Highlights tab. You will see Google contacts marked with a star at the top of the page. Below there is a Recent section that allows can switch between recently viewed and newly added contacts in the Google Assistant app.

Finally, these are the step for installing Recorder 4.0 and the new improvement comes in Google Assistant. Further, Pixel 7 series phones have amazing features if you plan to buy a new phone these are good options also check out the Pixel Watch whose colors are also attractive.

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