Tesla Model Y burned while charging

A few days before, a person named Alyas Jalili complained about her sister’s Tesla Model Y catching fire while charging. She gave details about the incident that the fire started from the battery and it was a relief that no one was in the car at that time.

As per the video information, the back part of the Tesla car burned more seriously. The roof of the car and front plastic parts also burned. The whole vehicle was seriously damaged by the vehicle.

If talk about the Model Y which launched in 2021 had the battery pack replaced after 16,000 miles. After a few days, one member experiences a horrible drill-like and whistling sound. Some other members also heard the clunking sound that could be a loose panel on top of the battery pack. Because of also these issues with the 2021 Model Y they decide to replace the battery from the Model Y 2021 car because they don’t want these issues to repeat in the 2022 model. But after all this, incidents keep happened the real cause is not known yet.

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One more video was uploaded on 30 September in which he showed a white Tesla Model 3. The car is driving at a high speed on road on a rainy day. Suddenly, the car lost control and crashed into a roadside flower bed. The cause didn’t know yet but this incident happened. The driver of the vehicle was thrown out, and the vehicle appeared later.

Lastly, the company is surely working on finding the root cause and providing a solution. Till then be alert and make sure take your vehicle for service on time.

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