Android 13 QPR1 beta update and unlock Pixel Watch’s bootloader trick

For Pixel smartphones, Google QPR1 Beta is based on Android 13 a new addition made that allows you automatic Battery Sharing including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro….!

Since it launched in late 2022, android Battery share now becomes much more efficient for Google’s Pixel Smartphones. This feature involves most of the devices that could be wirelessly charged on the back of your Pixel.

This implies the situation when your phone will become a wireless charger that will provide some extra time to stay on your other ordinary devices. Instead of a manual process, the new option may help you share and allows Battery share to turn on automatically, which will be quite helpful when you need to charge your phone as well as your buds at the same duration.

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Wherein the setting site, near the bottom there is the option named page. Once you tap it on the automatically only when the phone is plugged in and senses a device on its back. There is an even option that can operate independently from the main option. This means you could have battery share turned off, but still have this feature turned on and vice versa.

The developer uses a magic USB cable to unlock Pixel Watch’s bootloader

While purchasing a watch for prices close to Rs 29,000, the thing you need to keep in mind is the features and functionality of the device. So while talking about the features the one thing that comes to mind is Wear OS and its UI. Surely after covering some social information back to the board.

Google devices have been in the trend cause of their innovative software features and deep integration in their devices. Reasonable with the tune users and developers have been inclined towards Google devices. The ability to unlock the bootloader and run third-party software, of the aftermarket development friendliness of the Mountain View company. Though the situation is a bit different on the Pixel Watch as the possibilities are quite limited for this device. However, the policy has attracted a lot of users to partake in modifying or replacing the pre-loaded software on Nexus and Pixel smartphones.

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