Now on Google Play Store’s Update button appears big

Recently, the Google Play Store has new easy-to-operate multi-device features, and later others also come soon. Now, on Google Play Store the Update button gets bigger. With Material You designing right now is only applied to the homescreen and another button already arrived in July.

Google Play Store Updated in past months

  • Through Material You some design changes on the Play Store like the shape modified from rectangles with slightly rounded corners to guidance-conforming pills.
  • Previously, the Update button looked like Update All now it appears as Update and its size also increases. When you have a list of the app to update then it going useful.

This tweak was rolled out via a server-side update.

Google Play Store Update button

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On other hand, some user faces issues when they go on open a listing’s Data safety section in the Play Store. We’ve replicated this on several devices running the same account, but the majority we checked are working normally. as per the expanding the Data safety dropdown, tapping “See details” briefly loads the fullscreen page before crashing. When the user opens it a second time and it crashes.

Finally, on Android, there is a “Google Play Store keeps stopping” dialog box. Those who face often face problems in the Google Play Store then they visit to get some solutions and use the features of the Google Play Store without any bugs.

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