Elon Musk is now Twitter’s new CEO

Recently, the deal between the Twitter board and Elon Musk was finalized. Then Elon Musk becomes new in charge of Twitter. This deal is on hold because for some reason now it is finally confirmed and Elon took the command on Twitter. Now, in this Elon Musk officially announced that he is now CEO of Twitter.

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On Twitter, the verified user holds the privileged, of making more connections and connecting easily over Twitter. The verified account looks authentic and gets the public attention. After Elon Musk announced new norms that for verified subscriptions users need to pay monthly $20. This change will be in work from 7 November 2022.

In April this year, from some updates deals were continuously on hold between the board of Twitter and Elon Musk. Recently, the deal finally confirmed a $44 billion deal. Elon Musk bought Twitter’s 2.4%(10 million shares) stake from the Previous owner of Twitter Jack Dorsey.

Finally, now some new changes on Twitter like its homepage modified, and in the coming days, some other changes may come.

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