Health Connect enables Google Fit to show Fitbit heart rate data

Recently, for Android, Google Fitbit released support for Health Connect. With this Fitbit can save fitness tracking data like heart rate, sleep, and workouts, to Health Connect. Now, users can choose which allows or if they want to Fitbit write. This data is stored on your device and other apps also can use it. Now, sync of the Fitbit and Health Connect enables the Nest Hub Sleep Sensing data to join with the Fitbit Heart Rate in the Fitbit.

The Nest Hub Sleep Sensing shows the person’s actions or activities like deep sleep, awake, respiratory rate, and more. It also can sense the person’s snoring sound, coughing, and temperature all show on its screen. After sync of Health Connect is syncing both Fitbit and Google Fit, the latter will show a graph of your heart rate from your wrist-worn tracker or smartwatch.

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The user experience when the combination of this new app, This app does label where the data is coming from with either “Fitbit” or its icon. The Fitbit page does show “Disturbances” from the Nest Hub, but not sleep stages from either source. On the other hand, when the user logs in it show the latest activity record. After some months this Nest hub sleep sensing integration with Health Connect may be paid.

Finally, currently with this combination may be user can’t lots of data but in the coming, it will upgrade to show more useful features.

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