New update won’t support Android Auto in old phones

With Android Auto users can access the Android phone apps in their car. Users are unable to play their phone playlists on their car dashboards and it is easy to access phone apps, check notifications, and more. In August some users of Android Auto notice that when going further using Android Auto an update appears that asked for an update for moving forward. Now, the older OS version is no longer compatible with the new update of Android Auto.

For new features, enhancements are mandatory so using more new feature updates is necessary. For early of this year, the company said that Android Auto needs to run at least on Android 8.0 and above it.

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When some users were using Android Auto they experiences that older versions of the Android Auto app are launching a pop-up saying that an update is required to continue using the app. This appears to be happening with Android Auto versions 7.0 through 7.7.

As per the user experiences, Android Auto displays a blank screen for some users, with Android Auto 7.7 being the last version that didn’t trigger the problem. With the forced upgrade that appears to be taking place, users have no choice but to use newer app versions that appear to cause this problem.

Finally, the company surely publish updates about this in the coming weeks. If updating to the above version of the OS solves this issue then it is helpful.

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